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Richiesta di servizio

  1. You can request your device to be repaired in the store where the device was bought. In case it is not possible, please follow instructions below.
  2. We recommend you to read and follow the instructions in Service Procedure (PL) and contact the Horn Distribution Service representative for further instructions.
  3. In order to get your device repaired by Horn Distribution Service, you are kindly requested to fill in the Service Application Form (PL) following the instructions in Service Procedure (PL).
  4. If you are requesting a Warranty Repair, you are eligible for cost free transportation of your device to the Horn Distribution Service facilities, using DHL parcel service. In case of questions, please contact our Service.
  5. If you would like to request a repair after your device warranty period is over, you are requested to send the device at your own expense.
  6. Proper address of our service facilities is:

    Serwis Centralny Horn Distribution
    ul. Kurantów 34
    02-873 Warszawa

Important! Please pay attention that the valid Warranty Card and a copy of Proof of Purchase accompany your device.